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Vortex Grow Boxes

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Vortex Medium Solar Grow Box



Vortex Solar - A solar powered Grow Box enabling you to grow more for less.

One sealed Mini insulated Grow Box 910x457x457mm with locking front opening doors, coated in special anti-bacterial paint. All our cabinets have the capability for at least three powered devices to be installed are soundproofed and are water/water vapour resistant.

  • Solar cells enabling you to power your Grow Box (Lights, Fans, and associated equipment) Reducing or completely removing all electricity costs.
  • One SS Alpha LED Light - Equivalent to 400W HPS without the expensive running costs!
  • One 4 inch Rhino Hobby Filter - 180 m3/h - lasts up to two years
  • One S&P TD250/100 Silent Extraction Fan - Rated at 240m3/hr , Only 24dB - Dual speed
  • One Meter of High quality Acoustic Ducting - Contains additional plastic membrane
  • One Low Noise Intake Fan - Rated at 21DB
  • One Molex Power Adapter - Powers Intake Fan
  • Four Magnetic Hooks - Supports up to 17KG of vertically hung weight each
  • One Pre-fitted 4 Inch male connector - Allows ducting to be fitted easily at both ends
  • One Extraction Ducting Damper - opens when air flows in one direction and closes when no air is flowing further sealing the cabinet.
  • Four Wire Hangers
  • One 500ml Bottle of Biobizz Grow
  • One 500ml Bottle of Biobizz Bloom
  • One 50L Bag of Biobizz All Mix
  • Four Pots

Combined with our solar cells you can negate the most expensive part of indoor growing, electricity!. Our Solar powered Grow Boxes will enable you to grow more for less by harnessing the power of the sun and turning it into electricity to power your Grow Box or Grow Boxes.

Our Grow Boxes are modular. Meaning you can directly connect one Vortex Grow Box to another via ducting. This means a user can add a second, third or even forth Grow Box or Grow Tent with nothing more than a light inside. The air can then be drawn through to an additional Grow Box or Grow Tent before being filtered and finally extracted away from your grow. Using our Grow Boxes in a sealed loop like this would enable you to maximise your grow space whilst still retaining a sealed and controlled environment. It also means that the expelled hot air can be reused to provide heat to another Grow Box or Tent. This can be especially useful for germination, or for example if you wanted to keep the light cycles in your boxes separate whilst maintaining a stable temperature.

We use Superfoil Double Bubble insulation as a final layer to cover the inside of our Grow Boxes. This is far superior to the stuff you find in most hardware stores. The aluminium within reflects in much the same way as a mirror does. The material itself is constructed of 19 layers of interlaced material and is the highest performing product of it's type ever offered in the UK. It is extremely easy to work with - placement holes can be easily cut with scissors, you can even staple additional materials or cables etc to it!

We do not recommend placing electrical equipment outside, some assembly required as we ship our components separately to protect our Grow Cabinets

Our Grow boxes feature the latest in technology from our cutting edge LED Lights to the very materials we use. We strive to be the best.

Our Cabinets are made out of far less pieces than competitors and feature proper door hinges not pin hinges. They are coated with antibacterial paint to provide a sanitary environment and can be locked for security.

All UK Grow boxes are insulated ensuring your Grow box is not only soundproofed, water/water vapour resistant and odourless but that it can cope with winter temperatures. We even use some environmentally friendly materials to do this.

All LED Lights come with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY - should you experience any problems such as a dead cluster we are here to help! They cost as little as 18p A DAY to run, give off little to no heat and do not require a ballast to work. Unlike HPS Lights which can cost £££'s a day to run and require all sorts of additional equipment to work safely.

We use Rhino Pro Filters as they are made with only the best carbon available and can last up to two years.

All our Grow Boxes are Modular meaning components can be moved and reconfigured any way you want.

All our cabinets work by creating negative pressure further increasing environmental control. The cabinets themselves are also solid and can't be disassembled in any way.

S&P Silent Fans are the latest and greatest on the fan market. They produce high end extraction fans with unparalleled noise ratings. Combined with our silent intake fans and insulated grow cabinets you'll wonder if they are even on.