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LED Grow Lights

Hydro Grow SOL LED Grow Lights

Hydro Grow LED Light UK logo

The Hydro Grow Integrated LED.

Compact, Streamlined, Efficient

The LED Grow Light world has changed again, and this time you're not just buying another performance-leading product, you're also lessening the impact it has on your wallet!

Grow-box-LED-LightsAt the heart of each Hydro Grow integrated LED are industry-leading 3W chips bonded to a silver-plated copper slug for maximum heat dissipation, light output and longevity. Our Integrated design saves you approximately 25% on the finished cost of each light compared to competing models where each 3W chip is packaged individually, requiring more parts (more cost) to create each light.

Integrated LEDs deliver high performance in a small footprint with the same 50,000 hour lifespan as 3W LEDs, making them the LED of the future. Each Integrated LED uses our proprietary 3rd generation spectrum, ensuring you achieve the same record-breaking results you've become accustomed to when using Hydro Grow LED Grow Lights.

The Fusion Reflector.

Changing the game in light dispersion

Grow Box - LED Lights lens

You deserve the best, so why settle for anything less? All high-power LEDs are square in shape, yet LED Grow Light manufacturers around the world use round lenses or reflectors to shape them. Children learn as babies that square objects do not fit into round holes, so why as adults are their companies still trying to mate the two together?

The fusion reflector is the world's first patent-pending square reflector for LED Grow Lights, designed around the shape and emitting pattern of the LED beneath it. Because of this SOL LED Grow Lights are the first in the world to offer a true square coverage area, matching the actual shape of your garden. The key advantage to a square reflector, is that it gives you 1.27X the coverage area of a circle of the same width, delivering more light to the edges of your garden than any other LED Grow Light. Be prepared for bigger fruits and better yields throughout your entire garden!

Another major advantage of fusion reflector is it's ability to deliver 100% of the light from the LEDs to your plants. Conventional LED Grow Lights use a lens which blocks 7-10% of the light emitted by the chip as it passes through a layer of glass or acrylic. For example a LED with 50 lumens of output would be reduced to at least 46.5 lumens after the addition of a primary lens, and at least 43 lumens after the addition of a secondary lens. If an extra layer of glass was then used over the lens like some of our competitors, output would be reduced to at least 40 lumens (20% lower than original)! The fusion reflector ensures that every penny of the light you paid for gets delivered to your plants, rather than wasting light by passing it through layers of glass or acrylic.

Modular Build.

Completely re-designed
from inside out

Hydro Grow was the first company in the world to make LED Grow Lights modular, with patents pending on this manufacturing method. Modular built products deliver many benefits to their owners such as isolated failures, simple on-site repairs, no down-time, and the ability to upgrade parts in the future.

Modular design means that each part can be altered or replaced without affecting the remainder of the system. Before Hydro Grow's modular manufacturing process, if a LED failed the entire light had to be shipped back to the factory for repair taking weeks before its return. For growers relying on a single light to power their small garden, sending the light back to the manufacturer during the middle of a grow meant a loss of the entire crop. With Sol LED Grow Lights this worry has been eliminated, giving you peace of mind that your crops will continue to flourish in the event of a parts failure.

Grow Box - LED Lights chipset

Built Today, Valued for a Lifetime.Our modular design allows for reflector and LED upgrades – helping you keep up to date with your LED Grow Light. In the future when LEDs are better or when we produce the next generation reflector, these parts can be purchased for upgrade instead of buying a new LED grow light, saving you money.

Because Looks Matter
Power Link.
All Hydro Grow LED Grow Lights feature the Power-Link function, allowing you to connect multiple lights in a series, up to 1200W in total. Gone are the days of the power strips and bulky power cords cluttering up your garden. Simple. Clean. Functional.
Only Available on X2

Power Selection.

All LED Grow Lights are available with 50W, 75W, or 100W LEDs, giving you the ability to choose which power option best suits the needs of your garden. Aren't you glad you finally have the power to be the boss of your own garden?

Learn more about power select

Superior Quality.

Exceeding Your Expectations..

At Hydro Grow, before a new product is released to the market, every single detail – including the details you don't see – are relentlessly considered and reconsidered to ensure that we are providing the highest quality LED Grow Light. For example, all SOL LED Grow Lights use a custom, thin-finned aluminum heat sink which provides up to 30% better heat transfer than competing heat sink designs. Likewise, Hydro Grow only uses Top-BIN (highest output and highest cost) LEDs ensuring optimum light output from every diode. While these small details are hard to discern with the naked eye, they make a world of a difference in your plant's growth and performance. Quality is easy to claim but hard to fake, so don't be fooled by a cheaper light that claims to be comparable to a Hydro Grow light, as quality is always compromised for a lower price.
hydrogrow-sol-9-450w-900w LED Light

HUGE Harvests.

Because Size Definitely Matters..

With Sol LED Grow Lights, not only will you be saving big bucks in electrical costs, you will also enjoy lightning fast growth rates, record breaking yields, tight inter nodal spacing, super-dense flowers, and fruits so monstrous you'll bring all your outdoor plants indoors! Our library of grow tests consistently reveal that Hydro Grow's LED Grow Lights yield more than 2x the grams per watt of HID and up to 3.7x more grams per watt over competing LED Grow Lights. Backed by over 4 years of research, university studies and independent grow tests, we are proud to say that we have the best performing grow lights in the world.
Grow Box - LED Lights Warranty
For those gardeners who prefer the peace of mind knowing they have an extended warranty, SOL is covered for a full 2 years and X2 starting from the original date of purchase. If anything happens to your light during the warranty period there is no reason to stop using your light. Simply submit a warranty claim or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you replacement parts free of charge to remedy the problem. So sit back and rest easy knowing that we've got your back!