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SS Alpha LED Grow Light

Features - 3W High Power LEDs, Integrated Wiring Harnesses, Modular Build, Wide Coverage, Deep Penetration, Massive Heat Sinks, Power-Connect, Lowest Maintenance Cost, Highest Efficiency.

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Grow Box UK LED Light Lens

About The Alpha Series

Unlike our SOL series which focuses mainly on coverage or our X2 series which focuses mainly on penetration, Alpha is the best of both worlds combining technologies from both products to make the ultimate grow light. Long story short you get the best mix of coverage and penetration available.

The Alpha Series was developed primarily for the commercial greenhouse industry, as a one-for-one replacement for high-bay HID grow lights. When used at the same height and spacing, Alpha grow lights deliver higher PAR values over a broader area than their HID counterparts, with less fade between lights and the perimeter. Prototypes of the Alpha Series tested to be twice as powerful as our SOL models per watt when used for high-bay greenhouse lighting. Alpha prototypes outperformed HID grow lights in commercial greenhouses using 60% less watts. ROI is usually achieved in as little as 3 years for most facilities, and commercial financing for LED installations are readily available (ask us for more details).


Building Alpha From The LED UP

Hydro Grow wrote the book on why more lumen output does not mean a LED has higher PAR output for your plants. Ensuring the highest performance in the industry starts with sourcing the best components in the world, and making sure they are evaluated with the proper equipment.

In 2014 Hydro Grow engineers developed the world's first and only light integrating sphere for testing the µmol output of individual LEDs. We then used this device to test over 100 LED chips from countless manufacturers around the globe. The result? A light with the highest PAR output per watt of any grow light on the planet.


Grow Box UK LED Light Alpha reflectorUniform Light Distribution

Alpha was designed for the commercial growing facility to replace HID grow lights 1 for 1. To do this a custom rectangular reflector had to be created to mimic the dispersion pattern of conventional HID fixtures. This patent-pending reflector directs light from your LEDs to create a true rectangular coverage area, matching the shape of your grow tables.
Not only does our reflector get light all the way to the edges of your tables, it does so with a more even spread of intensity compared to LED lights using round reflectors or lenses. While this may seem subtle, it has a profound effect on maintaining consistent results from side to side.




Alpha Greenhouse Lighting Layouts


Grow Box Uk Alpha Greenhouse Lighting Layouts

ALPHA is the most powerful grow light in the world for Supplemental use in Commercial Greenhouses. It is designed to be used as a 1-for-1 replacement for HID grow lights; however there are more efficient and cost-benefiting ways to use ALPHA that will save you far more money than simply doing a 1-for-1 swap. Download the full Alpha Information Packet and Greenhouse Smart Lighting Layout Tool below, to learn how to get the most from this amazing new product and start saving your greenhouse more than 50% on energy costs!


Alpha Grow Light Specification Chart

Grow Box UK LED Grow Light SS Alpha Bar Models