Vortex MOD Grow Box

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Fully modular in design. The Vortex MOD Grow Box utilises natural light to boost your plants growth.

Looking for a cheap or budget Grow Box? Check out our latest edition to the Vortex Grow Box family - The Vortex Mod Box and Our new Cheap Budget Grow Box Range. Please contact us for more information and initial orders.



Each piece is designed to fit snugly together forming an fully enclosed space much like our Grow Boxes. Further insulation can also be added or even reflective materials. It's easy to install each piece with instructions included, parts simply slot together. Disassembly works in much the same way, all of the parts are fully detachable after being fitted.


Extremely light weight aluminium frame, available in silver and black with the option of adjustable feet or caster wheels. Other accessories are available such as control boxes, other custom components and hydroponic systems. Please contact us for more information


Choose from a wood finish or perspex panels available in any* colour including clear.

Fully Modular Design

Thanks to our new modular design our Vortex Mod Grow Boxes can be made into virtually any size or shape. You can even make a triangle or sphere. This also means that should want to increase the size of your indoor garden at a later date you can, with minimal effort.