Vortex Aquaponics Grow Box Large

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Included in your Grow Box Kit ~


  • One sealed large sized insulated Grow box 1830HX915WX457D (mm) with locking front opening doors, coated in special anti-bacterial paint. All our cabinets have the capability for at least 3 powered devices to be installed are soundproofed and are water/water vapour resistant.

  • One 400/250w Dual Spectrum HPS Dimmable Light
  • One Maxibright Dimmable Digital Ballast 
  • One Cooltube - Aids in keeping the temperature down
  • One 4 Inch RAM Carbon Filter
  • One 4 inch RAM Extraction Fan - Dual speed
  • One Meter of High Quality Ducting - Contains additional inner plastic membrane, can be placed over both the extraction & intake
  • One Low Noise Intake Fan - Rated at 21DB
  • One Molex Power Adapter - Powers Intake Fan
  • Ten Magnetic Hooks - Each supports 25KG of vertically hung weight
  • 3 Rope Ratchet Kits - Contains 2 in each pack
  • One Power Cable
  • Two Re-wireable Plugs
  • One Pre-fitted 4 Inch male connector - Allows ducting to be fitted easily at both ends
  • One Fish Tank - Equipped with heater, filter, water pump and lights!


Our Large Aquaponics Grow Box is the ultimate in sustainable - no fuss growing. Water that has been fertilised and cleaned by the fish is fed to the plants via a pump within the fish tank. It is then left within the plants medium before being drained back into the fish tank and the cycle continues. This system is so efficient that it can grow plants without the use of added nutrients at a record rates with extreme yields. This mini Ecosystem can be left for weeks without interference. The Aquaponics System incorporates a 100 Litre fish tank (fish not supplied due to shipping) within which is a heater, a small filter, a light, and a pump. The Heater allows for the choice of fresh or tropical fish, however cold water fish is recommended. The tank itself is easily accessible and like all parts within our Grow Boxes, it can be easily removed. The shelf incorporates a 60 Litre Grow Bed which again can be upgraded if needed. LED and HPS Options now available!

Grow Box Facts


Vortex Grow Boxes specialise in Grow Box design and manufacturing we don't sell tents or other hydroponics equipment. We are experts in electronics and our staff are qualified engineers and horticultural professionals, all of our products come with a warranty and lifetime access to our free technical support and general advice line.

Grow Box Symbols


Our Grow Boxes are the quietest Grow Boxes available in the UK possibly the world, featuring the latest in technology and fully user serviceable parts. Our Grow Cabinets are lightproof, fireproof, rust mould and disease resistant. The cabinets themselves are made of far less pieces than our competitors and coated in a special high quality durable scratch resistant antibacterial paint which actively works to guard your plants against pests and diseases. All our cabinets are available in various sizes shapes and colours, are made from steel and come with reinforced doors fixed with fixed using steel hinges and incorporating a three point lock for stiffness and security. Each Grow Box is also sealed inside and out to prevent air and light from escaping and is designed to operate for years without degradation.


Grow Box insulation superfoil
The methods and materials we employ to soundproof our Grow Cabinets are just one of the things that make our Grow Boxes superior to similar products. We use Superfoil to help sound proof and insulate our Grow Cabinets. Insulating your Grow Cabinet will allow you to create a controlled climate inside with a temperature that is independent of the environment that the Grow Box is placed in. This means that not only will our Grow Boxes will work in both hot and cold climates, they can also be configured to create environments for tropical plants as well as temperatures suitable for growing fruit and vegetables. Unlike Mylar and similar materials the aluminium within the Superfoil reflects both heat and light in much the same way as a mirror does, providing uniform heat distribution throughout your Grow Cabinet. The material itself is constructed of 19 layers and is the highest performing product of it's type ever offered in the UK. It is extremely easy to work with, water resistant and can be easily wiped down after use.


 Additional Grow Box Specifications


Extraction Fan
RAM Grow Box Extraction Fan
RAM Twin Speed Extractor Fans come with a built in dual power option that is changeable at the flick of a switch, adjustable from 165 m/3 - 200 m/3 allowing higher power in the summer and lower in the winter.
The Rhino Fan series is designed to be used with the other members of the Rhino product range. The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic and on particular models steel, to give the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks.
The fans are easily installed and removed and come with an easy to fit mounting clamp.
RAM Fans come in three styles: Single speed, twin speed and thermostatically controlled.
This means that the range has a fan that will suit every type of grower.

Intake Fan


Grow Box intake fan

We chose the Akasa fan again for it's low noise qualities operating at 20db and featuring precision balanced low air impedance fan blades this fan can be operated passively and at two further speeds pushing up to near 40CFM of air into the grow space which is then circulated via convection currents through the Grow Box. Equipped with a speed adjustment cable and available with a vari-speed controller and other upgrades such as a rear connector enabling you to fully seal your Grow Box by attaching ducting to the rear. This will allow you to take air from a separate source and then vent into the space/room containing your plants without issues.


Combi Ducting
We only use High Quality Ducting. This means our ducting includes an additional membrane to protect against accidental tears. It also double as insulation layer protecting against condensation and moisture and ensuring that the air within does not affect the temperature inside the Grow Box via heat exchange. It features a 4 layer multi-laminated construction with an encapsulating high tensile steel wire helix ensuring strength and durability. The black PVC outer layer is totally plant safe and acts as a strong vapour/light barrier providing extra security over standard alloy ducting while still being very flexible.
Due to the 4 layers this ducting when fully extended holds it's shape with a seamless void delivering low pressure drop with no particulate clogging and low noise when in use.
Tested by SGS to comply with RoHS 2011/65/EU. The PVC used in RAM ducting is plant safe and contains no Dibutyl Phthalate. This products is also fire resistant.

Grow Box carbon filter
Carbon filters are commonly used to remove unwanted smells but they can be used for other things such as preventing germination and cleaning the circulated air. If you are considering using strong fertilisers or other simialr products we recommend purchasing a filter to prevent your house from smelling like a farm.
RAM carbon filters are designed specifically for cleaning and deodorizing air (not liquids). Stale air is drawn through the filter by means of an attached extractor fan which needs to be matched to the filter being used in terms of air-flow and duct-size. The air is drawn in through the outside of the drum and first passes through a washable dust sleeve which filters out dust and other large particles so that they do not clog the main filter part. Next, the air flows through a short spiral labyrinth which is tightly packed with the world’s highest quality virgin activated carbon – Australian RC412. As the air flows through the activated carbon layer, odours and particles are absorbed into its pores leaving the air clean and odourless. Inside the can, the air is spun by the vortex cone in the base. This helps create low pressure within the can and thereby increases and evens out the air flow. The cleaned air is then ducted out via your extractor fan.

Lighting 150W


The sunmaster 150w Son-t Dual Spectrum HPS lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with high lumen output. Much like their other models this lampproduces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering. The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS range also produces more blue than most competitors lamps for excellent results in the vegetative stage.


Lighting 250W

The Sunmaster 250W Son-T Plus Dual Spectrum HPS lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with a high 33,000 lumens output. The lamp produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering. The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS range also produces more blue than most competitors lamps for excellent results in the vegetative stage.


Lighting 400W


The Sylvania Grolux 400W HPS lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with a high 58,000 lumens output. The lamp produces light mostly in the red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering but also produces some blue to make it also suitable for the vegetative growth stage.


Ballast 150W

MaxiBright 150W Ballast
Maxibright Digilight Ballasts sport a compact and a lightweight design and are near silent when in operation. The ballasts are RF shielded and feature soft start technology with a low start up current built in, this prolongs the lifespan of your lamp. Maxibright Digilight Ballasts will run both HPS and MH lamps and they can be used with any reflector that has an IEC connection fitted. They can be mounted easily to a wall or the rubber feet provided can be used to place them on the floor. The Digilight ballast is also equipped with end of lamp life detection and a shut off switch for added safety.

Ballast 250W/400W

MaxiBright 250W 400W Ballast

Maxibright have an outstanding reputation for quality. The Maxibright Digilight Pro Digital Ballast has endured rigorous testing before its launch and has proven extremely reliable and safe. This unit comes with a 3 year guarantee and features a sleek cool running design, end of bulb life detection and shut off circuit/switch, a 10A IEC connector, LED status indicator lights and a low start up current. This Ballast will run both sodium and metal halide bulbs and is near silent when operating



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