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LED Grow Lights are the new method of Growing indoors. Their low wattage, reduced heat output and life span enable you to grow at a fraction of the cost of traditonal lights.

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  • XB140M1 XB140M1
    The Penetrator XB140 LED Light
  • XB200-Final.336 XB200-Final.336
    The Penetrator XB200 LED Light
  • XB300-Final.341 XB300-Final.341
    The Penetrator XB300 LED Light
  • XB400-Final.346 XB400-Final.346
    The Penetrator XB400 LED Light
  • Tokes-1
    Tokes-1 kit 1
    SOC Toke Dual Wax Portable Vaporizer
  • 38 14
    The Dabcool W2 2nd Generation + Case – the All in one E-nail Rig. Please state either Rainbow, Graphite, Blue & Red when ordering or a random color will be selected.
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