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Vortex Grow Boxes

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  • Vortex LED Grow Box Medium - Budmaster

    Choose your Medium
    Choose your Light from the Budmaster Range
    Worried about winter?
    Intake Damper
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Why sign up to www.vortexgrowboxes.co.uk?
By signing up to our website or Facebook group you will be eligible for heavy discounts and other offers

Help something isn't working/ I have just received my Grow Box but it has been damaged.
Please see shipping and returns or call us (number is on the contact page)

These hooks can support up to 36KG of vertically hung weight or 5KG of horizontally applied weight. We recommend you place them within the cut grooves in the ceiling of the Grow Box attaching them directly to the cabinet will dramatically increase their magnetic pull. We suggest you use at least one hook for the Fan and two for the Filter. You can use the configurations shown on your instructions or create your own setup.

What is a Grow Box?
Please see the related article in Information

What is a Darkbox?
See question above. A Darkbox is a stripped down version of our Grow Box.

Do the Darkboxes still have a the same amount of holes within?
Yes, it still features a 4 inch hole with spigot. As stated all our Grow Boxes are fully upgradeable.

Can I use hydroponic equipment in my Grow Box?
Yes you can, All our Grow Cabinets are lined with water/water vapour resistant material as well as being soundproofed.

I'm looking for something similar to the Grow Box/Darkbox but with different components. Can you help?
We sure can! Call or email us with you specifications and we will do our best to help.

How many plants can I fit in my Grow Box?
The Mini Grow Box is ideal for propagation and could house up to 5 strawberry plants. The Medium Grow Box could house up to 8 6.5 Litre pots. The Largest of our Grow Boxes can house anything up to a small tree at nearly two meters tall.

Why should I buy a Vortex Grow Box?
Apart from the fact our Grow Boxes have been designed from a users point of view rather than an exercise in profiteering. Conceived after seeing a clear gap in the market after viewing the related products available from other long standing retailers. We took everything back to basics and developed the Vortex Grow Box. Superior in every way from the methods we use to construct each one - Pressed not drilled holes, antibacterial paint, sealing our cabinets inside and out. To the size and shape - Our Grow Boxes are wider, deeper and taller than other Grow Box manufacturers. Featuring fully replaceable parts with the option of upgrading your Grow Box at a later date and low noise/silent fans and materials. We believe our Grow Boxes are the quietest Grow Boxes available on the market. Each Grow Box is carefully constructed to provide you with a professional product that is both versatile and made to last. We offer a warranty on all our Grow Boxes and LED lights and should you have any queries or encounter a problem we will be here to help.