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HydroGrow Sol 450W-900W LED Light

Power Selection

Features ~

  • Modular Internal Build: Fully upgradable, easy warranties
  • Thermal Management: Custom ultra- thin finned heat sinks quickly dissipate heat for cool operating temperatures
  • Streamlined and Neat: Multiple units can be Power-Linked™ up to 1200W
  • Powerful: 50W Integrated LEDs deliver blinding intensity
  • Versatile: Power cord available in 110v, 220v and international plugs
  • 3 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications ~

LED Type:

9 x 50W

9 x 100W

Power Consumption:



HID Equivalent:

800W HPS

1500W HPS

Working Voltage:

85V - 480V

85V - 480V

Input Current:

3.7A @ 110V (1.9A @ 220V)

7.4A @ 110V (3.7A @ 220V)

Operating Temperature:

115° - 125° F

140° - 155° F

Thermal Management:

9 x 80mm Dual Bearing Fans

9 x 80mm Dual Bearing Fans

Spectrum (nm):

440, 470, 525, 640, 660

440, 470, 525, 640, 660

Case Dimensions:

18" x 18" (46cm x 46cm)

21.7" x 21.7" (55cm x 55cm)

Hanging Weight:

16lbs (7.3kg)

26lbs (8.2kg)

120° Primary Coverage:

4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm)

5' x 5' (152cm x 152cm)

120° Supplemental Coverage:

15' x 15' (4.6m x 4.6m)

18' x 18' (5.5m x 5.5m)

*primary coverage based on 12-18" hanging height above canopy, supplemental coverage based on 6-10' above canopy.

The Sol 9 LED Grow Light is an engineering marvel, utilizing the latest Integrated LEDs to deliver a concentrated beam of light so bright we named it after the sun. Sol 9 is designed for use in a 4' x 4' area, with tested PAR output matching that of a 750W HPS! Our refined and Patent-Pending 3rd Generation spectrum features quantum balancing to ensure lightning fast growth rates, record breaking yields, super-dense flowers, and fruits so monstrous you'll bring all your outdoor plants indoors!

Spectrum is only half the equation to enormous yields however, because light must be delivered efficiently through plant tissues at high intensities to ensure optimal penetration/absorption. Our Patented Fusion Reflector was developed specifically for this purpose, blending and focusing 100% of the output from our LEDs into a concentrated beam of light. Unlike other LED Grow Lights, Sol uses no glass or acrylic lenses, which can block up to 10% light transmission with each layer.

Sol™ LED Grow Lights are an entirely new breed, with the same Hydro Grow performance, quality, and reliability, that has been proven time and again by third-party testing and real-time output data. Thanks to our ever-growing engineering and development team who work continuously throughout the year, we are proud offer the next generation of LED Grow Lights to the masses. Purchase a Sol 9 today and experience the amazing power of the sun in your indoor garden.

The Fusion Reflector.

HydroGrow LED Reflector explained You deserve the best, so why settle for anything less? All high-power LEDs are square in shape, yet LED Grow Light manufacturers around the world use round lenses or reflectors to shape them. Children learn as babies that square objects do not fit into round holes, so why as adults are their companies still trying to mate the two together?

The fusion reflector is the world's first patent-pending square reflector for LED Grow Lights, designed around the shape and emitting pattern of the LED beneath it. Because of this SOL LED Grow Lights are the first in the world to offer a true square coverage area, matching the actual shape of your garden. The key advantage to a square reflector, is that it gives you 1.27X the coverage area of a circle of the same width, delivering more light to the edges of your garden than any other LED Grow Light. Be prepared for bigger fruits and better yields throughout your entire garden!

Another major advantage of fusion reflector is it's ability to deliver 100% of the light from the LEDs to your plants. Conventional LED Grow Lights use a lens which blocks 7-10% of the light emitted by the chip as it passes through a layer of glass or acrylic. For example a LED with 50 lumens of output would be reduced to at least 46.5 lumens after the addition of a primary lens, and at least 43 lumens after the addition of a secondary lens. If an extra layer of glass was then used over the lens like some of our competitors, output would be reduced to at least 40 lumens (20% lower than original)! The fusion reflector ensures that every penny of the light you paid for gets delivered to your plants, rather than wasting light by passing it through layers of glass or acrylic.

These lights are environmentally friendly, contain no mercury and are 100% recyclable. They have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours + and will save you over 55% on electricity compared to a HID. and unlike normal lights these lights will not get hot and as such are not liable to catch fire or burn out like some HPS lights. Furthermore they require no ballast or additional equipment to run and come with a 3 year warranty. Making them an idea addition to our Vortex Grow Boxes.